Diva's and Pallister House

Posted by Anonymous

We noticed on the way home last night two new additions on Main St. Diva's Have "All that Chocolate" and Pallister House Flower's and Gifts are now located at 39 East Ave next to the library. Looking throught the windows it appears Paliister purchased the counter etc from Wilhelm and Ashe Home Store in the UCC during their closing process. Is this a second location of the Pallister in Newfane or did they just move here? These two buisnesses are a nice addition to Main St considering the loss of both Wilhelm and Ashe stores. The buildling has also recently recieved a new stone facade which looks great.

While a chain store here or there may draw people to a Main St through their noteriety and advertising, it's small businesses like these that will make it thrive.

I kind hope that the recently opened Oogie Games in the Lockport Plaza will find its way downtown in the future. It would appear to have great potential for shared customers with the likes of the Daily Grind etc.


All American Mommy said...

I hear chocolate and it makes me want to go running! Actually, I saw the lights last night as I was driving by and it just looks beautiful! Let's hope that this one can stay!

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