Councuil Agenda 12-01-10

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The council agenda for this Wednesday is here:


Anonymous said...

This is kind of a random place for this comment but it was convenient, anyhow...over the last 2 or so weeks there have been 4 major fires in the city of Lockport and neither the local radio station or the local paper has had reports on them. I listened toa part of the "Dialogue" radio show last week and thought I heard talk of not being able to call the fire station but not 100% sure because I was only in the car for a short time. Doesn't the local news have a reporter specifically assigned to public safety?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing today. I did notice the one on the 15th for the residence on High. I've noticed emergency enclosures on a residence on Pine today. I don't get the hard copy of the paper so can not vouch if the others were covered or not and WLVL's news blog has been silent since July.

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