NCCC gets the Rainbow Mall

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It looks like NCCC Culinary Institute will be at the Old Rainbow Mall as Cordish has so graciously given up his long term lease. I wish them the best as that concrete bunker is formidable but the redo of Falls St. is quite beautiful and should be a good foundation to build off of.  I'm also a little amused to the whole over reaction to the donation of the mall lease by Cordish. It's been vacant for a decade though I guess he is losing the tax write off and that is worth something.

"Cordish has offered to “donate” Rainbow Square’s lease on the city-owned mall “in an effort to see this proposed culinary institute project move forward,” said Corporation Counsel Craig H. Johnson."

As for Canal St here in Lockport, are the other three parties still interested? Will we see them move forward now that the door is open on the opportunity?

And can we please secure ourself as the epicenter of the wine loop? If the "Niagara Wine Trail" sign at the Niagara Falls Blvd exit on the 290 is not offensive enough, having a signature store in the Falls will surely up it.


Rocketboy said...

Good for them... Cordish gets a tax break, NCCC gets a free building, and students have to drive into a neighborhood in a high crime area.

Wait, that last one didn't sound that good afterall.

Either way, with all the income this should generate, NCCC should be close to self sustaining. (Sarcastic... and yes, I do believe that funding community colleges is a generally good thing, except that it allows them to spend as much as they can w/o paying the consequences of the spending.)

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