Night Terrors

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Those of you that may have seen the Orange colored flyers last year  .. or maybe seen the "splash" in the LS&J  for haunted yards..

You WILL see these things again this year .. if you haven't already seen them in some area businesses..

Night Terrors IS returning  for antother fright filled Halloween night on Washburn Street ...

We currently have close to 20 actors involved with a combined experince of OVER 20 years doing haunted houses... all of our actors  are voulenteer.. and we enjoy what we do for Halloween..

We are planning on being bigger than last year.

Admission is FREE ..   but donations are welcomed.. they will go to either charity ( Lymphoma society) or to help to build next years haunt .. depending on what comes in.

Attached is the Flyer that you all will see floating around the city at various areas....

Hope to see ya.. If you enjoy Haunted  stuff.


-UPDATE: 10/26/10
To the top - originally posted 9/9/10


LoneWolf said...


Since it's only 9 days from Halloween I figured it was ok to "bump" this topic.

Please see above post and posted flyer for information..

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

congrats on the LUSJ article. Hope it all went well.


LoneWolf said...


Thank you for the well wishes and yes the Article on the USJ was GREAT exposure... as well as all the flyers we were able to post at the various businesses.

And as far as how it went I am proud to annouche the filal OFFICAL COUNT... ::::drumroll please::::

The official count for "Night Terrors Haunted Yard 2010" was 345 people from around 4:30 ish till just after 9. That's AT LEAST DOUBLE what we had last year :) It was a great night had by all of us involved.

See you guys next year for Night Terrors 2011.

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