Sweet Sixteen Cafe

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I noticed the sign in the window for Sweet Sixteen Cafe at 16 W. Main St between Chet's and Grimble's. Ellen noticed me peering through the window and was nice enough to let me inside and fill me in on what was going on. Opening in one week will be an updated cafe with "home made" baked goods and hot beverages. The type of place that Lockport is sorely missing. I look forward to the short walk there and the possibility of sitting out back along the canal next summer.

UPDATE 10-10-22 - Grand Opening Tonight.

Buffalo News Article
LUSJ Article


Rocketboy said...

Thanks for posting this... I noticed a 'coming soon' sign a month or so and kept forgetting to find out more about it.

Anonymous said...


This is a great block. It's a shame that the wide bridge (or more precisely the lack of any pedestrian oriented buidlings along it) break up any link to the rest of Main St eastward.

This block should be a reference for construction along Main St and the Canal.These are the type of high quality rehabilitations that should get funding/tax breaks. Even if a business fails a hig quality space remains for the next one.

Jack Martin of J. Fitzgerald Group does wonderful work with is buildings. If I had a wish it would be him moving forward with his original wine loop store idea. Do it across the street at the old "Chasers" and Lockport would have a killer block.

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