"Mini-Concerts" at Canal Street Gazebo

Posted by LoneWolf

The LSJ reported on July 1:
"Canal Street Concerts to start" (don't have direct link to aticle this is partial quotes direct from paper)

"Starting on July 1(Thursday) 16 bands will play at the Canal Street Gazebo.  Time frames 11am-1pm and 1-3pm."

"These concerts are working in tandem with downtown booster program effort to get food cart operators working on Canal Street and to get information about local businesses in the hands of visitors"

Heather Peck, program manager of Lockport Main Street Inc. was quoted (in part) in the LSJ to say " We think its a service to the comminuty too; we hope local residents will come out and support this."

Also quote from Heather: " Entertainers and vendors are welcome to apply for an open spot on the Canal Street schedule, entertainers are asked to make a 2 hour commitment but ARE welcome to stay longer if they like. For an application call Heather Peck @ (716)434-0212"

Daily Performers Schedule as well as other information will be posted at http://www.lockportmainstreet.org/

Well looks like something good is comming of the Canal Street Gazebo  :)


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