Lockport Old Home Week

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Lockport Old Home Week gets under way tomorrow. The Buffalo News and the LUSJ reported earlier in the week.

It’s perhaps the largest collection of events in the city in a century.
Old Home Week starts Saturday and runs through July 30, bookended by the city’s biggest parade in decades on the first day and a giant fireworks show on the last.
“I think we’re in the neighborhood of 100 different events,” said Douglas Farley, director of development for the History Center of Niagara, also known as the Niagara County Historical Society....
The event has grown bigger than I ever thought it would be. A big congratulations and thank you to all those who have put it together and to all of those who are participating in it.
I feel the only missing element is actual old home tours or something similar. I'd imagine there could be some type of system to show off the housing stock, its possibilities, and before-and-afters of homes that people have invested in. If not actual tours, then maybe a pictorial display? This would not only interest visitors, but would also give residents a glimpse into what fellow residents are doing with their homes. Hopefully the result would a mix of inspiration and security in the possible investment.

I have also entertained the thought of doing that here on the blog. I think it would be an interesting feature to show some anonymous photos of some before and after renovations happening in the city. Think anyone would participate?


Laurie said...
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Laurie said...

Oops. Anyway, I meant to say I would be interested in hearing from owners on specifically local problems and resources (contractors, salvage, etc.) for rehabbing local older homes.
Always happy to see what others are working on and yes, I would be a willing participant.

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