HV Before Zoning Board Tonight.

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Housing Visions is appealing several zoning variances tonight at 6 pm at city hall.

The old Scrito Jewelery site plan deviates a lot from the initial site plans they provided in January that had more of an urban layout to them. To me, this plan shouts "low income" where as the previous one blended in better with the existing housing stock.

I tried to attach it but I keep getting an error. I'll try again later.


Concerned said...

Anyone notice the lack of publicity for this meeting? Does anyone else feel this is getting rammed down our throats?
What a waste of tax dollars! I guarantee I will be sending a nice article suggestion to Readers Digest about this waste of "historic preservation" dollars, they love stories like that. Remember a few years ago when the county got all the bad publicity about using tobacco dollars for the watering system at the golf course?
MJ - glad to see you critique this at last, I really thought you just blindly went along with Smith. I'm glad to see I was wrong.
BUT, they managed to slide this in secretly, so I guess it's going to go.

Anonymous said...

There are the newspaper listings in the announcement sections and there was also the last article on HV in the LUSJ mentioning the upcoming zoning appeals meeting. It would be nice to see meeting schedules and minutes posted at eLockport.

At the meeting in December there were several neighbors there to speak, some for and some against. Only one was there last night. He was neither for or against but wanted to make sure some water/sewer issues were being addressed.

Planning board is first Monday of month and Zoning Appeals every last Tuesday. Council meetings are every Wed (or is it every other?)

This being part of the YWCA for abused women makes more sense for one spot per residence. There will be two->three extra spots. All overnight guests need to be announced to managment.

For the two other houses, the state will not let a tree be cut down between the houses, thus prohibiting the preferred parking layouts that were presented in December (shared drive between houses with parking branching off at the rear.) I wish someone would talk to the state to remove the tree. I am usually against tree removal but the trade off here would be warranted.

I've been a little busy, but I will try to post some of the plans during the week.

Rocketboy said...

I'm guessing the limits with removing the tree are a side effect of using state-collected money on this project?

Also, if you want to send me the plans, I can try to upload them later tonight.

Anonymous said...

ehhh what difference does it make, it looks like Smith and King Tuck are going to make sure are tax $'s are wasted on this one - it's a done deal!

Another set of slum houses for Genessee St!!!!!!!!

And did anyone confirm that HV is full of crap, they CANNOT evict tenants for being bad without a very long delay if the rent is paid, they are feeding everyone a line of baloney.

I guess the good thing is at least we will continue to concentrate our slums in the Genessee area

Rocketboy said...

I love the random short sited hate for Tucker. It always seems to rear it's head when there's any discussion of the fire department, but here it is again.

Life sure was better when we had an empty lot where Southblock was. Life sure was better when downtown was a ghost town. Amirite?

Anonymous said...

Where have you been all my life? At least since the US&J closed the site down 'cause they couldn't handle it!
Time for some more fun!
Thanks for this!

Rocketboy said...

Wow, you're rather late to the party, huh? MJ was promoting this place as soon as King Tim (see, now this is a good use of "King" as sarcasm) started shutting down random discussions.

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