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Well it all started here a year ago stemming from poor behavior by "outsiders" on the LUSJ forums. Since then the LUSJ forums had cleaned up but then were pulled after some sparing with Tim. Comments started out moderated here but have been fully open to anyone for quite some time.. It's always enjoyable sharing my thoughts and hearing others on the present and future of Lockport.

The biggest source of action was around the Molson Concert Series as the tracking of the line-up created a spike in traffic (max visits 994 the day of the first concert.) that made the post on it tops on many search engines.

My initial offer still holds: anyone who would like to be able to post, please let me know by e-mail. If you have a Lockport based blog of your own let me know so I can link to it and participate. Some thoughts from other sections of the city (and its respective issues) would be great. I have some ideas for this next year too.

Thanks again,


Rocketboy said...

Hey you let me on, that just goes to show you'll let anyone on.. :)

Jill said...

I'm not a big commenter, but I do enjoy reading/appreciate the information in your posts. I'm looking forward to what's to come - Happy Birthday :)

Charles Dabkowski said...

This blog is much more civilized than the nasty Union-Sun Forums, and has some real information. Black background makes for a harder read, but it seems pretty well-organized. Good photographs, too.

Encouraging anonymity has not seemed to result in a lot of nastiness. Keep up the good work, and try not to be overly sensitive to criticism.

Patti said...

Happy Birthday M.J.!
You get to blow out the candle(s) and eat the whole cake.
You deserve it.
Thank you for all your hard work which allows us to vent our frustrations and, at times, a very FEW times, we actually provide a reasonable suggestion or compliment! ;- ) !!
We'd have nowhere else if it weren't for you and I, too, enjoy "listening" to others' ideas. Courteous discourse is the only way we, as a group, can hope to achieve anything beneficial to our City which, despite ourselves and our comments, we really love.

Patti said...

I just REALLY wish people would pick any name (other than that one) and stick with it whenever they comment.
It would keep "things" so much clearer and easier to respond to.

G.I Joe said...

Great Job MJ..

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