E85 Pump on S. Transit.

Posted by Anonymous

LUSJ is reporting the 2nd E85 pump in the county here in the city at the updated Wilson Farms at S. Transit and High St. I noticed this last week  (initially the price caught my eye) and it was nice to see the option locally.

E85 will return only 70 to 80% of the fuel economy of regular gasoline at standard engine compressions. So it is break even for vehicles on the upper end of the E85 fuel economy range and a tad too high for vehicles on the lower range.

Per the Article:
Reg Gas: $2.80/gal
E85 Gas: $2.26/gal
80% Reg: $2.24/gal
70% Reg: $1.96/gal


Anonymous said...

Make sure your vehicle is FFV (flexible fuel) before pumping in the cheap stuff or you will have problems.

Anonymous said...

I have been going to this station to fill up but now I can not because they no longer carry E85 ! what happened??

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