Upper Marina Study Funding

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(Image: CL Churchhill Tug on Erie Canal in Lockport)
Buffalo News had an article on a City request for an Upper Marina study funding from the county. The city desires to have this Marina to compliment the Widewaters marina currently located down stream from the locks on Market St.

...Lockport Legislators W. Keith McNall, Anthony J. Nemi and Richard E. Updegrove are co-sponsoring a resolution on tonight’s Legislature agenda to allocate the project $75,000 from the county’s share of Seneca Niagara Casino slot machine funding.

Mayor Michael W. Tucker said the money would come in handy, since in December the state awarded the city a $125,000 grant toward the study. However, the catch is that only half of that money actually comes from Albany; the rest has to come from a local match...

Map of the proposed location for study (Erie Canal/Transit/State/Stevens):

...Tucker said the Upper Harbor would target transient boaters who want to tie up their boats and visit Lockport without necessarily having to go through the locks. The location off West Genesee Street would be closer to the downtown business district than Widewaters is.

“Widewaters was made for small-type vessels. This [upper] marina, you’d be able to put larger boats in,” Tucker said.

When he asked the Common Council to apply for the grant in November 2007, Kinyon envisioned 500 feet of docks and a 6,000-square-foot building with showers, rest-rooms, laundry facilities and a restaurant...

I have always thought an upper DT marina would be a wonderful feature. Something that would be similar to the set up in North Tonawanda. Widewaters marina is too far from DT to have much, if any, spin off effect of luring boaters to Main St. Even the proposed study location is on the fringe of being useful without a thread of continuous development leading toward the city center. Though maybe having boat parking and the resulting pedestirans would help to that end.

I wonder if this would involve excavating into the site or just placing slips parallel to the current canal bank. I look forward to seeing any plans if they get funded.


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