(Image: Statue outside St. Mary's facing Walnut St.)

LUSJ is reporting on the 150th Anniversary mass at St. Mary's this weekend. St Mary's is currently appealing Bishop Kmiec madate to merge into the new All Saints parrish formed at the former St Stephens along with St. Anthony's. From the LUSJ article:

The appeal went to the Vatican in Rome, and a decision date was set at Feb. 6. However, Kibler has not heard from the Vatican or the canonical lawyer, Philip C.L. Gray, of Hopedale, Ohio, who was hired by the St. Mary’s Strategic Committee. Parishioners anticipate the appeal will go to the next two levels at the Vatican.

A Strategic Planning Commitee Announcement from November provides some insight into why they feel confident in their chances for continued progress with the Vatican appeal. Among the reasons stated are the growing membership during the appeal process, Pastor Gary's support of the appeal and the percentage of parishoners sending mandates off to the Vatican (around 90%). It would be a shame to premptively close/merge it with the parrish reportidly in the black with a stong membership and hostory of constant renovation and care.

We will most likely attend on Sun to check it out.

St Mary's history and we are also suckers for pet blessings.


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