Recycling Program Update

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A Buffalo News article gives an update on the recycling program process in the city:

Pasceri said that at a meeting last week, the committee discussed using one ward for a pilot program “to get the kinks worked out” before expanding collections citywide.

Mayor Michael W. Tucker said he was willing to consider that, but he said, “We’re committing ourselves to a full-blown curbside program.”

The original goal called for putting the program into operation this spring. Tucker, however, said that might not be possible until summer.

I suppose that an initial pilot program in a single ward is not unreasonable. I'm anxious to finally have a full-scale curb side service. I am stuck between feeling bad about throwing things out, yet not having enough will to put the effort in to do other wise with the recyclables.

Decisions have to be made about the size and cost of recycling bins and how the city will inform residents about what to recycle and what will not be accepted.

“Each company has its own standards. The more they take, the less you have to educate,” said Pasceri, R-1st Ward.

I'd think a piece of paper provided with the tote would suffice quite well for a majority of residents. This would be especially true for a non-sort system. I'd also hope for a version of it to be posted up at eLockport. Use special meetings etc as needed.


Liz said...

Whatever they do, do it soon. I recycle EVERYTHING! Driving to the dump each week is getting old quick...

Anonymous said...

I'm more newer to the area but i have always been shocked that lockport does'nt recycle or at least on this side of town. I would love to be able to recycle than through almost everything in the dumpster. I live on Robinson Rd in apartment complex and all we have is a dumpster. I don't know i just hope they do something about this, it just don't seem right.

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