A Police Dept Move?

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(Entrance to Harrison Place at Elm and Walnut (Rt 31)

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If they need the space I think it is a plausible idea that will keep there presence DT and central while getting a little bit closer to one of the areas of the city in need for more police presence. It would also use and update the existing building that the city is trying to find uses for. Plus they already use that location to set up a "mobile command" spot for the concert series. By the tone of the article, somebody is going to be needing more space.

The Buffalo news reports that they are close to funding a shower/locker facility for the women PO's in the basement of the current municipal building.
I find it hard to believe single sex facilities were still being designed in the 70's.

I always thought this building would make a great project similar to the Artspace project in Buffalo which has already shown to promote investment around it. Even to houses that were slated and marked for demo at one time. Rumor is they are looking to expand their presence.


Rocketboy said...
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sccbrock said...

Hav'nt been in the downtown area in yrs.
Who or what is in the office building on Washburn st.??

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure nothing is in this building right now. It is empty and I think last in line for any improvements to the former Harrison complex. I think demo of this building has also been brought up.

I feel the building can go on to be anything with some creativity and more valuable than another empty lot or surface lot.

sickandtired said...

I think they need the space. Anything to make Washburn, one of the main North-South streets in the city look a little more like Lockport, and a little less like a "drug drive-thru" would be welcome. I think it's time for the city to invest in camera survaliance in high crime areas.

jaws said...

This could be a good move. Something drastic needs to happen to that place. It needs a major face-lift, it is an eyesore with chipping paint, rust, water tower, etc. Gotta watch out for those surveilence cameras - big brother and all. Who decides where they go, how many, who is watching.

RMM said...

Someone..so I guesss it's going to be the city needs to put that property to good use. Bite the bullet, fix the roof, move the cops in and the crime out. Use it for a varity of things, but lets use it!! Self Storage, some B-ball courts, a skateboard park. Something different and unique might just give some folks another reason to feel good about Lockport. And seeing that GM is destine to get a bunch of taxpayer money...why not put a small GM Museum somewhere in the building..I'm full of it...good ideas that is.

Sniper said...

They do need to move it... Hopefully City Court as well. City Court could go out towards Hawley. Current operation is shaky.

Anonymous said...

You joke about the skate park but I think it would be pretty nice. I'm a proponent of cramming as much stuff to do DT as possible. If the skate park that is at outwater was over in the city, that's just more people with money to spend at nearby sub shops etc and a place to stop and people watch. Picture a bunch of kids skating away on a Friday evening while a concert is going on a block or two away. A very lively interactive environment.

I still say subsidized artist lofts in this west most building. If we are to subsidize housing, why not the sector known for "reseeding" living in less than desirable sections thus kicking of regentrification. All the large old houses are still intact south of there and are currently near the "can't give away" price range. These are the type of people to do something within those conditions.

Rocketboy said...
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RMM said...

MJ..who said I was kidding about the skate park? Someone needs to start to do a little creative thinking in city government. Good ideas don't have to cost a fortune to impliment.


Anonymous said...

Sorry RMM, the GM museum comment gave a sarcastic feel to the whole comment ;) I'm all about low-cost high-value. Even a dog park where people's dogs could run around would be another. Just need an empty grass (or paved) lot and a fence. Get a local fence company to put up the fence and sponsor the park on city owned land. You now have another "destination" hopefully as close to DT as possible getting people down there to maybe pick up a coffee before and notice what else is down there. Buffalo has had success with the one that went from "trial" to "permanent" in LaSalle Park. There only negative there is the lack of amenities there to get the spin-off effects of the owners attending.

Rocketboy: Oh no poor starving anybody. ;) There will be subsidized housing in the city. My point is to use a facility perfect for a certain purpose (large spaces for large "art" projects) as a live/work incubator. Following my links in the main post will show the reinvestment around such facilities because the artist-type is the one usually willing to tough it out in "tougher" areas. Looking for a group of people to kick of re-gentrification, here they are and early proof is a 25 minute drive away in Buffalo. The Jones family will not be moving back into the city kicking anything off, but once the kids are out of the house they may join in to an area already forged by others. Once the artists are priced out they move on to the next “cheap” area. If we need to clean it up and plant some seeds, why not ones that are shown to grow in such conditions?

RMM said...

Mj..The housing/loft idea is a good one. Being a Chicago native I can't tell you how much vacant property has been turned into useable housing. It' doesn't have to be artist's loft's but good quality living space. Currently however, this city has a vacant property "glut" and we really don't need more housing. What we do need is for current residence to take care of what they have...and I wasn't kidding about the GM Museum either. The building has GM history, and whether it's a kiosk, or a decorated window, or even a vintage GM car museum, we need to celebrate the heritage not always try to cover it up with something new.

Anonymous said...

Kansas will be playing the concert series this summer. July 12, 2013.

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