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It appears that we are again going to have issues with salting the roads in the City of Lockport again. I understand many of the side streets are always the last to be done, but I was very disappointed in the road conditions surrounding the Lockport High School this morning. There is ice underneath that fine layer of snow, and it very noticeable at the stop signs with skid marks to the sides of the roads. Granted, we all need to be a little more careful wtih winter weather upon us, but it very disheartening when I take a left off of Lincoln to head back into the town due to all the traffic congestion around the school, and the minute I cross over to the Town Of Lockport, the streets are clear and salted.

This concerns me even more so because of all the student drivers heading over to the school. Then I headed over to North Park and road conditions were just as bad. Schools and roads surrounding them should be of top priority as the city has an abundance of walkers, and not an abundance of sidewalks. The city should be more proactive to conditions rather than reactive. Our road conditions here in the City are usually some of the worst.

I did not see a single truck out taking care of the roads, yet yesterday morning I saw four taking care of picking up leaves on the streets. What is the protocol of the city when it comes to salting the roads? Is this going to be a repeat of last year that when you head into the city from the Town of Lockport, or from the Town of Newfane that road conditions deteriorate tremendously?



Anonymous said...

It is easily noticeable when transitioning in/out of the city to other municipality roads. I don't fret too much about the side streets but would expect more done around the schools and the main streets of the city: High, Lincoln, Locust, etc, etc. I'd guess the best hope would be that we are saving money? I'm not a fan of the "over salting" that a lot of crews do either although the city is on the (very) lean side

I'm also surprised that any leaf pick-ups have been barely noticeable. My (possibly poor) memory remembers multiple pickups by now in years past. They make quite the mess and I'd guess having them freeze into solid piles can only complicate pick-up.

Rocketboy said...
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Anonymous said...

Whenever I have experienced the sand I found the driving to be worse (mostly in Canada). It was always just big piles of brown mashed potato-like substance that loved to clog up tire treads and leave you there spinning to accelerate. But it did slow you down quickly and push you to the side of the road effectively reducing the chances of sliding through the intersection. Plus it was a good forearm workout trying to keep the car going straight ;)

I do undestand your point on the days where the temp is hovering around 32 and projected to climb over it.

That's why I don't fret too much about the side streets but with many kids walking to school year round I find the main roads and around the schools a noble cause when the roads are "iced". As was the case yesterday when I heard almost every car approaching the stop sign near by slide to the intersection. One truck should be able to drop a small coat of salt in an hour or two before school.

(I've had the error too but have yet to get a double post.)

jaws said...

Roads were slippery, but I think with cost of salt and fuel I think its going to be something we have to deal with this winter. I have also heard that the sand wreaks havoc on storm drains and sewers. Not to get off topic but I was just complaining about our leaves not getting picked up yet. Then they finally did it yesterday. I have been raking leaves to curb since end of Sept. City always used to pick them up 3-4 times. Looks like one time this year. Look what happened this spring when everyone raked them into road and the city complained.

Rocketboy said...
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Anonymous said...

I did not notice the closure but was surprised by how empty the streets were on my way home after work. Maybe that explains it some? It did take me 15 minutes ot get out of my work parking lot since th eplow guy never showed up but only 10-15 minutes extra to get home.

I had no major issues on my Beattie-High route within the city. The roads did have a layer of snow but so did all of the roads I used in Alden, Clarance, Lancaster and the Town of Lockport. The GF said a friend's street near Washburn and high was pretty bad still on Sat. I had no issues on our street any time over the weekend.

The gas for my snowblower (my shovel and I) was a calzone from Molinero's.....

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