Parking Ramp Replacement

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(image 4th level of ramp looking down to Main St access)

From the LUSJ:

What are people looking/hoping for in the new ramp?

I'll admit I am prone to desire (cost no issue) the two lower levels with buildings on top and park along the side and to the rear over looking the canal. Obviously cost will be an issue. While there may be no need for this space now, this is supposedly for our "next 50 years". I think there is enough room there for both a park-like features and other uses in the future. If one were to build new 10, 20 years from now, what better place than here with "the view" and the parking? Designing the structure to be able to hold something on top of it in the future could be a wise insurance policy instead of a 50yr blockade.

My one fear is a surface lot on top. Please no more surface lots at the street, especially on Main! If we were to end up with surface at the top level too I'd at least hope for the "park" feature on top with it to line Main St. and hide any surface parking.

The top of the old electric building already gives a great view, but the area itself is not kept up. And to be honest, there is something about the current ramp design that I find endearing. And that's rare for a parking ramp. Maybe it's the lucky horseshoe shape?

Big change is coming.
I'm trying to see if I can get the "sketches" that were shown so that we can discuss them. I will update this thread if I can.

UPDATE (11/21/08):
I stopped in City Hall and spoke with Mayor Tucker last night for a while and took some pictures of the renderings supplied by a couple of the architectural firms. These are the preliminary ideas laid out in the firms' submissions to be chosen to assist help the City of Lockport craft specifications for the design of a new downtown parking garage. Foit-Albert Associates of Buffalo won the honor.
Although these are highly conceptual and only a starting point, the project looks promising. Of these two I'm liking the "town square" look of the second one over the "concrete plaza" of the first. Each has a feautre in it mimicing the "Flight of Five". Mayor Tucker also commented on making sure the ramp integrates with the old power building in case a use is found for the building in the future.

UPDATE: 11-24-2008
Buffalo News reporting on project time line and initial design goals.
The city’s new parking garage will be paired with a park containing terraced steps to an Erie Canal overlook and perhaps an elevator down to the canal, city officials decided last week. However, the shaky state of the economy and the Wall Street credit markets may prevent work from starting in 2009, Mayor Michael W. Tucker said...


Rocketboy said...
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Anonymous said...

The second "idea" above does show a pretty big green space and I was pleasently surprised upon seeing it. The "surface" parking does tuck away nicely behind the Ulrich Building and the lack of floors 4 + 5 would seem to really make the viewing area on top of the old power building seem much more inviting.

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