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Posted by MJ

The Buffalo News and the LUSJ both reported that the city has released the list of streets to be repaved this year. Click through to see if your street is a lucky winner this year.

Interesting to me was the final blurb about why the drop from 30 streets to 16.:

Fewer will be treated this year, because public works intends “try to repair problems in the roads instead of just covering them up,” Norman Allen, director of engineering and public works, said. Some streets may need partial or full rebuilding before they’re paved.
Alleluia! Hopefully we will see some milling going on. It's been discouraging to see 2 year old resurfacing work look like it was done 8 years ago due to the mess that it tried to coverup. If we can do 1/2 as many streets "right", our road network will be better in the long term.


Liz said...

Yup, two streets I frequent every day that were just resurfaced last year are totally shredded already.

MJ said...

I'm also surprised they don't tar seal (tar snakes) the cracks as they start. It's depressing to watch them open right up the following winter.

LockportGal said...

I live on Roosevelt and often use that stretch of High Street also. What a mess, its like driving in a war zone. I was happy to see them on the list, but there are so many more. Now seriously, they are going to resurface Geiger Alley? WHY? That is a waste imo.

Anonymous said...

When they repaved Washburm St... Morrow, Regent, and Grant had the storm sewer access blocked/dammed now they flood and freeze. This spring you could see the brick road base at the ends of the streets, nothing but a patch on the washboard created by workers thet didn't have the foresite to notice what they did. A few extra yards of top could have kept this prob. from happening.

Anonymous said...

Our streets are getting to be worse than Niagara Falls. I never thought I would say that given their problems. Mike better do something to get the streets in better shape--seems to want to do a lot of streets this summer to make an impression on voters--but after next winter we'll be right back to a mess again because they do not do the streets right.

MJ said...

If you read the article and post they are doing half as many as last year in order to do them "right".

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