Canal Clean Sweep

Posted by Anonymous

A volunteer based canal cleanup is scheduled for tomorrow. Meet at the Excalibur Gazebo at 9:30 AM. A rain date of May 1st is scheduled if it is raining before 9:00. The Buffalo News and WLVL reported.

Last night we took a nice 2 hour walk around the city. Always of note are the lovely big items that can be found at the base of the canal while it is drained. Do these bikes, tires, shopping carts, etc slowly bury themself of does the state eventually remove them?


Rocketboy said...

They slowly sink into the mud... the state doesn't clean anything out, repair the timbers on the sides, etc, unless it's a safety problem

Anonymous said...

The NFTA gets mega bucks for operations. It is too bad that Lockport is not important enough for them to take care of the canal within the bounds of The City of Lockport and the Town of Lockport. A sad comentary of our value to the state!

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