4/28 - Walk at Lunch Day?

Posted by Anonymous

April 28th is “National Walk at Lunch Day” or so says Blue Cross Blue Shield.

My question is where am I supposed to walk to considering a majority of our built environment? With our modern BANANA (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything) planning and zoning codes most of us are left with nowhere to walk to, unless we enjoy a leisurely stroll around the parking lot. Maybe the walk back and forth to our cars for a lunch time trip counts?
Design a place where people have something around them interesting enough to draw them out at lunch. Maybe then we wouldn’t need our HMOs cheerleading a dedicated day to remind us of nature's way to stay healthy (and thus reduce our liability to them).

Walking is fun and easy. And it’s good for your health.
Did you know that by fitting a brisk walk into your day on a regular basis, you can:
  • decrease your risk of a heart attack and type-2 diabetes?
  • control your weight?
  • improve your muscle tone?
  • reduce your stress?
I think the key word there is "fun". What places do we currently design that are fun and interesting to walk to/through? How many of those are reachable by foot from our jobs?


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