New Years Eve Bash

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The LUSJ reported that it is all set.

...A bigger, better New Year’s Eve Rockin’ The Locks is on the horizon this year, after the City of Lockport turned over the planning to a local promoter.

The annual celebration, moved to Ulrich City Centre from City Hall, will feature a fireworks show by Premier Pyrotechnics for the first time. The show is in addition to the ball drop.

Also lined up for family-style celebrating: Heated tents, a variety of local food and drink vendors, a full evening of live music and a range of children’s activities, including a bounce house, petting zoo and carnival games organized by the city youth and recreation department...
 Is great to see a local person creating a bigger better event for the city.

As a side note, it took me several seconds to notice my artwork was used on the flier. If permission was requested I would have said yes in return for a little credit. ;)


Rocketboy said...

Umm, congrats on your picture??

Rather crummy of them to use an image that has been specifically watermarked with a source and a notice that it's not pubic domain.

Good thing you're a nice guy, or someone could be in hot water over this.

Rocketboy said...

So did anyone go? How was it?

All I know is watching the fireworks form my balcony (I stayed inside, I was sober... :) ) was a lot more interesting then watching a ball drop. Nice and centrally located, unlike the 4th fireworks.

Anonymous said...

We went but it was still raining. It was early as our daughter is only 9. Not many people were there when we got there at 9. We only stayed for 10 minutes. If the weather would have been drier we would have stayed. As always saw many small children under 1 in strollers who should have been at home in a warm dry place.With some growth and better weather it looks to be a good concept. The fireworks were awsome. We drove to the old scirto's Trophy shop at 11:45 and watched from there. Cudos to the organizer.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the review. If the weather was better and we didn't have other plans we would have made it. I hope it happens again next year.

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