LFD: Collette Acting?

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The Buffalo News reporting:

LOCKPORT—City Hall was buzzing Friday over the belief that Fire Department Capt. Michael Collette, who is off work and receiving workers’ compensation benefits because of a back injury, has a bit part in “Henry’s Crime,” the Keanu Reeves movie now filing in Buffalo.
A photo on The Buffalo News Web site and a snippet of videotape aired by WIVB-TV, Channel 4, both show a man who might be Collette, apparently playing a security guard in a bank robbery scene shot Wednesday.
Reached by phone Friday, Collette and his wife, Linda, both refused to answer when asked if he was appearing in the movie.....
Collette said he underwent a discectomy in late September, and just Monday, his doctor cleared him to lift up to 30 pounds as long as there wasn’t a lot of repetition.
“There’s no light duty at the Fire Department,” Collette said. “I can’t come back to work until I can lift 80 pounds.”
 What do the dispatchers have to lift? Or is he ineligible to dispatch?


Anonymous said...

Fast forward the video to the 1:41 mark:


This video at the 00:50 mark:


LockportGal said...

Well...doesnt look like he is lifting or anything...

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