Walmart Update

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Image - New Super Center Going Up Near Dunkirk NY - Aug '09
WLVL reporting that the town of Lockport expects Walmart to purchase the old Lockport Mall by the end of the year and start the building process the early next year. It appears they do not see much threat in "Smart Growth's" latest appeal which has yet to be ruled on (expected Oct 2nd). I expected it to delay the project longer, so this is a nice surprise. Hopefully this schedule pans out.


LockportGal said...

This seems to have been dragging on way too long. I hate to say it, but I will believe it when I see it.

I drive to Erie County a lot to the SuperWalmart. I drive up there a lot to shop, so they are getting my sales tax revenue, not Niagara County. Its a shame. Perhaps if Walmart supersizes..other stores may be more willing to come to the area.

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