Robbery at the KFC

Posted by Black Phillip

(All times are approx.)

About 8:50 there were tire squeals.
Followed by sirens.

9:00 Helicopter overhead with searchlight.
Streets are being blocked off.

9:05 Presence seems to be spreading out, still heavy.

9:30 Police are still going through backyards, copter is still in flight.
Anyone in the area should stay inside, lock their doors and windows.

9:40 I heard through the grapevine that KFC was robbed.

10:00 Thanks for the updates below. It looks like they are starting to blanket the whole city now.

10:15 Still doing backyard searches in the north end. I heard there was some action over on Gooding Street.

10:20 It looks like the helicopter is hovering over Gooding.

10:30 Channel 4 is reporting an officer was clipped by the car, sent to hospital. More news from the networks at 11:00.

10:40 Looks like they are have moved eastward, as Liz indicated below.

11:05 Channel 4 says that the officer was pinned in between the suspects' car and his police car as they fled from KFC. Injuries are minor. Also, according to the report there was quite a bit of action on Washington street. Nothing else much, so no further updates tonight. Thanks to everyone who added info below.

And as an aisde... what did Channel 2 and 7 lead with? Events that they've been talking about all day long.

There are two videos looped on the one page, the full report and a stay tuned report.

Slightly different story from Channel 2

Looks like Channel 2 has the worst story out there... Here's a rather good one from the Niagara Gazette site:

More news updates...


Anonymous said...

I am near Hawley/Grand... been hearing and seeing helicopter (with searchlight going over properties)for a while. Phoned Police dept to see what's up and they said they could not discuss details but said I should close all windows and lock all doors. Have seen a lot of police cars over the last 40 min.Any idea what is happening?

Anonymous said...

I just heard... KFC armed robbery. 3 suspects. Fled by car. Car died on Prentice. Police wrestled one suspect to the ground and have him. Searching for 2 more suspects...

Anonymous said...

BTW... great site... I couldn't find any info ANYWHERE... after I phoned the Police I phoned the Lockport paper and spoke to the night Editor (super nice and informative woman), which is where I got most of the above info... but then it turns out the car stalled out in front of my friend's parent's home; got the other details through my friend. - jsc (I posted the other 2 comments)

Anonymous said...

Well wtf i live on chestnut and it sounds like theyre going to land on my porch. Cant these criminals plan their activity when the kids don't have to get up for school? Mine hasn't fallen asleep yet.

Liz said...

Thanks for posting this info, can't find the info ANYWHERE. Listening to a live stream of Niagara County Sheriff but nothing worthwhile so far. Helicopter was hovering directly over my house for a long time pointing the spotlight up Clinton from the base of the hill (and is still doing laps) and the police were pretty unhelpful when I called to find out what was going on. (also got the lock your doors message) My neighbors are outside taking pictures of the helicopter without a clue what's going on.

Liz said...

I got an actual person on the phone when I called. Thing is, we always get helicopters over here. Not sure why. The only reason I was alarmed this time was because my house was rattling and it wouldn't go away, so I looked up and there it was, literally on top of my house. I can still hear them doing laps around me.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know what department the officer that got hit was with?

LockportGal said...

Robbed KFC. Now im surprised, that fast food joint is way off the beaten path of the others. Did they take chicken too, probably not. Been a few times we were there when they were actually OUT of chicken. They handed the coupon back to my hubby and told him they couldnt fill the order. Probably saved us a few calories and cholesterol points anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting evening. I did not hear anything over here south of Main St. I think anywhere in this small city is "close" to the police station ;)

That KFC was always a curiosity for me being all alone out there on West Ave. Was the idea to be close to the Delphi plant? I've also been victim of the "we're out of chicken" and "we're out of soda".

Good to hear that no one was seriously hurt.

LockportGal said...

When the Apothecary got it...we got the robocall. I wasnt home..scared the beejesus out of my kids.

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