YWCA Update

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(Image: YWCA Main St. Facade in Ulrich City Center, Lockport NY)

Update on the YMCA facade:

I was informed that the window treatments were put up because of reports that some of the residents from Urban Park Towers were staring through the windows from across the street watching the woman working out and it made them feel uncomfortable.

While I find this a logical reason, it still underscores the poor planning and lack of street side facade regulation. Why put the "sensitive" use facing Main st? Why not put the Main Entrance and reception area facing Main St. with the workout area at the rear facing the "private" property parking lot? I'm not fully aware of the interior layout so someone who uses the facility could chime in. All I know for sure is the vibe it gives along its Main St frontage is counterproductive to a lively functioning Main St.

Safe streets have eyes everywhere. Locals, strangers, transparent frontages all contribute to self-surveillance. Building little forts only make the perceived threats outside the fortress walls all the more possible.


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