The Buffalo News is reporting on the city's filing for a $2.5 million dollar grant form the state that can only be used for one project. The ice arena was chosen over the parking ramp/park.

The city last week sent Albany a letter of intent to apply for a $2.5 million grant that can be used for only one major project. Mayor Michael W. Tucker said the city chose to seek a Restore New York grant to be applied toward construction of the new Lockport Ice Arena.

The choice was made at the same time the city is considering the $8 million demolition and replacement of the closed Main Street parking ramp. “As far as community benefit, the rink is better than the ramp,” Tucker said. “It’ll be a draw.”

Along with a Dormitory Authority grant and a $186,000 contribution from the Grigg-Lewis Foundation, $2.5 million would give the rink project almost enough capital to
construct its first sheet of ice. That price tag is estimated at $3.9 million, Corporation Counsel John J. Ottaviano estimated two months ago.

I agree that the Ice Rink would be the better use of the grant money near term. It would bring more people, activity and money to downtown than a "ramp", even considering the park-like feature. The article also mentions that that the 1-year to opening a single ice pad is still the plan.


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