Refuse Savings on Track

Posted by MJ

The Buffalo News Reported:

The city has saved an estimated $380,000 on its garbage and recycling program in the 8½ months since privatization, City Clerk Richelle J. Pasceri told the Common Council this week.

Dawn M. Timm, Niagara County's environmental coordinator, calculated the number based on the trash pickups since mid-October and comparison figures for October 2010 through June 2011, when city crews still were doing the work.

Modern Disposal took over last fall, and the city established a user fee for the program, including standardized garbage and recycling totes.

Timm said Tuesday that the city has recycled about 1,400 tons of waste since privatization, versus only 354 tons in the city-run period, when only newspaper and cardboard were collected at curbside....
A good job by those who put it together or by those using it. I believe the fees are generated yearly based on cost. The more the recycled should lead to lower rates as time goes on.


Anonymous said...

Now just imagine the savings if the city were run like a business and the 10 totally unneeded garbage workers were forced to take jobs with Modern or laid off!

Anonymous said...

The city (AKA the taxpayer) would have really saved some $ if the City Council had the balls and laid off the 10 employees they no longer needed instead of keeping them on the payroll doing nothing. How much more can we take until the City turns into another Niagara Falls?

Anonymous said...

I concur :)

MJ said...

How do we know they were no longer needed? Is all the public infrastructure in Lockport in tip-top shape? Do you go to businesses that are so understaffed that the place is dirty, you can't find help, etc? Are the not businesses that go out of business?

As of 2010 Lockport city employment had been reduced by 30% since 1980. Not an insignificant number.

A good business will staff proper numbers, use those numbers the most efficiently, and pay to retain talent.

I'm not saying that numbers are at a correct level or that these 10 employees are being used in the best manner but there is a lot of infrastructure work and upkeep to be done in an aging city. Used properly they are more valuable than the money that could have been saved thru termination (which was not a given due to contracts).

Anonymous said...

We knew they weren't needed because we can drive by the highway garage and see half the staff sitting around all afternoon!!
Yes, in Utopia we would hire enough people to wash every sidewalk, unfortunately here we just can't afford it.
And a good business would have worked with the vendor and as part of the contract negotiations would be that some of those 10 employees would have been forced to transfer to the new vendor.

People just don't seem to get it that the golden goose taxpayers don't want a cadillac city!!

Anonymous said...

That's funny, cause I believe the Streets Dept is located at the end of a dead end street so I doubt anyone has "driven by seeing workers sitting around". Actually I think I have seen a greater presence of workers out in the field this summer-tree trimmers, pothole fillers, etc. Not to mention the city does have a crew picking up yard waste with the old city trucks this summer. (Which will equate more taxpayer savings as less waste is being brought to the landfill up by Modern)

Anonymous said...

You are right the public can't but city workers can still drive by and see the extra help sitting there......

And to keep 10 unneeded workers of course you are going to see a few extra workers doing some things, especially in the morning (but not till after the long break at Thrifty around 9). Just try and find them after 1:30-2:00 - good luck.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this blog is dead or not it hasn't been updated in some time.
Am I the only one who thinks it's pretty stupid we are even talking to NT if we can buy county water so cheap, especially if NT won't even talk to us about the rate yet? Why wouldn't we just switch over to county, then abandon our water lines and let all the other communities that have been screwing us for years on taxes foreclose on the property?
Whats with our city not wanting to use the county services we already indirectly pay taxes for, such as water and dispatch?

Marvin Johnson said...

Was reading in the LUSJ this morning that Gary Chapman was expecting 10,000 people to show up for the ball drop at the UCC. Not even 1/4 of the parking lot is set up for the event that will maybee hold about 200 tops. Where do these people get their over inflated numbers from? Expecting 10,000 people, what an idiot! Keep expecting Gary :)

I know more than you! said...

I just learned from someone who works for the promoter for the concerts. Kansas is booked for July 12, 2013.

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