LSD Cost Per Student

Posted by MJ

The Buffalo News has a nice interactive of Erie and Niagara County school districts' cost per student for the upcoming year.

Lockport is relatively "good" when compared to other districts, especially urban ones in Erie County. A big point to note is that costs have gone up 20% in the last 5 years while inflation has only gone up 7, almost a 3x difference.

The Buffalo News reported a large special section will be in this Sunday's edition.
On Sunday, we'll be running a special section, "Your Schools, Your Vote," providing the most extensive coverage in Western New York related to the suburban school budget votes and school board elections on Tuesday.
We'll give you detailed information about the proposed budget for every district in Erie and Niagara counties; information about candidates in contested board races; and graphics that will enable you to compare taxes, enrollment changes and spending changes in your district to others in the region.


Anonymous said...

Interesting read in the paper this morning.
One thing that jumps out, of all the districts in Niagara County we spend the second least per student but we have the second highest taxes.
Why is that?
- Are we not getting the correct amount of state aid the other districts get?
- Do we have way too many kids, too many welfare apartments, too many trailers full of kids? (And now we are adding even more with our Housing Visions projects going in).
- Have our property values dropped so much the tax rate just keeps climbing?

We have a board that appears to be trying to help, they even cut an administrator this year we we have been screaming for. Our cost per student is one of the lowest. Why doesn't our tax rate follow it?

MJ said...

We have the second highest taxes per assessed value. Not the second highest taxes in plain dollars. All that means is that we have cheap housing. This can be seen as a plus, unless you'd like your mortgage to be doubled or tripled while still having the same tax load dollar wise.

Maybe if the area was growing with more people and businesses to pay into the tax pool we would be better off. Though eventually that growth spurs more spending which becomes painful if the growth contracts (like WNY over the past 50 years)

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