New Roof for Lockport Cruises

Posted by MJ

Last night the planing board gave approval to Lockport Locks and Erie Canal Cruises for a new metal roof with cupola along with some facade improvements. I believe it is part of a matching grant  from the state done through the city planning office. The roof will go on top of the existing roof which will make it a quick project. The plan is to have it completed by this upcoming canal season. Some other businesses are also applying for the grant so hopefully I will have more to share in the upcoming months.

 Approved Roof - Facade

Current Roof - Facade


Gabrielle Jeromy said...

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Gabrielle Jeromy

MJ said...

I know this is spam but I'm all for hardboard over vinyl. So I'll leave it....

Kate Andrews said...

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Anonymous said...

Are they going to call in the extreeme makeover home crew for the project? Maybee they cam make the place look like the City Center when they're done :)

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