City Bends to LPD Bait and Switch

Posted by MJ

The Buffalo News reported that the city has agreed to settle the LPD grievance over LFD dispatching duties. Regardless of how much, it is not a bad pay for the LPD considering we were sold on "no extra cost" by the police chief.

Considering there is no retroactive pay, I feel that the LPD may not have been too confident in an arbitration outcome themselves. I fail to see how we could have lost the arbitration. Did Chief Eggert not have the authority to negotiate during his sales pitch?

From an old Buffalo News Article (01-24-2010)

“Police Chief Lawrence M. Eggert urged the Common Council last week to turn Fire Department dispatching duties over to the Police Department.
For you to hand it to us now would be extremely simple. We could do it tomorrow,” Eggert said Wednesday. “I’m kind of hoping you give it to us. It’s easy. . . . We could do it for no cost.”


Anonymous said...

This one is so confusing. If they aren't working more hours and if they are still doing the same duties of dispatching, why do they deserve more money? Because they have to actually do more work while they are getting paid?
Time to move it to the county AND CUT THE DISPATCH EMPLOYEES -
C'mon Tucker let's show some real savings - don't pull that highway dept cr@p where you outsourced the jobs but kept the 10 employees in the garage sweeping floors.

MJ said...

I would have done that right after reminding them of the "We could do it for no cost".

If it is all about work load, divide the hourly pay into by the minute pay and pay by the minute the operator is dispatching. No down time is paid for. If it is about being there to do the job, the just do the job.

What came across as a rare instance of a public union offering to help out a municipality in lean times (or just common sense in most work environments)turned out to be a hidden status quo. Go figure?

Lockport Taxpayer said...

What can anyone expect when Tucker has to repay them for their pre-election endorsement! This is a foreshadowing of thing s to come as they negotiate new contracts which are up at the end of the year.

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