Sign Law Revision Proposed

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LUSJ reporting that a new proposed sign law is ready for legislative review. The public hearing will be Oct 21st.

From the article:

Gone is an element of the 2008 law that triggered much resentment: imposition of a “preferred” colors palette for signs in the central business district.

The proposed revised ordinance would regulate only the type, size and placement of business and other signs — and authorize the building inspection department to issue sign permits instantly when the specifications are met.

The planning board would be asked to approve proposed signs only when they don’t conform with type, size or placement rules.
 It's logical to get rid of the need for the planning board to be involved and the resulting $100 fee. I look forward to reading the document.
Using quantifiable, physical attributes of signs, the proposed law still manages to ban or constrain certain types that might be regarded as “loud” or “tacky” by some. Banners, posters, pennants and other moving, fluttering, rotating, revolving and/or flashing devices — including animated/ video signs — are prohibited outright. Electronic message-board signs must hold a static message for at least 20 seconds before they change.
I'm curious how the new Aaron's  at Walnut and Transit got their signage through the old statue.

I find the huge back lit Aaron's sign very unnecessary coupled with the  pole sign on a street with a 30 mph speed limit and maybe a 2 block line of sight. Is this not "loud" and "tacky" to some (like me)? ;) There's no use (besides visual blight) for pole signs designed for 45-55mph arterials with pushed back plazas in an urban area. Not much luck melding the fakey drivit upper facade with the low slung modern design of the existing building but it did allow them to cram in a large sign. I'm curious to read the sign limitations etc in the new ordinance. Great touch on the full windows along Walnut though! If only the front looked half as good. People will say "well its their corporate look". The problem is their corporate look is the cheapest loudest design. For any chain retailer there are examples of instances where they design better stores where local ordinances require it.


Anonymous said...

Not to mention the sign screams out, "Lockport-Poor, Impoverished area!" right as you're coming into the heart of the city.

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